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Try to Imagine.....

This is an invitation to consider your gifts. What it is that you love to do, that gives you joy or a sense of accomplishment and which allows you to express what is uniquely you. It might be a talent, like playing the guitar or soccer or speaking in sign language. It might be something you just love to do like driving or walking or visiting art galleries or museums. It might just be the love of being with people, talking, getting to know them over a coffee. Gifts are sometimes amazing but, more often, are just simple expressions of what we value or hold dear. And, we all have them!

Now consider what your life would be like if you couldn’t express your gifts or had no time to develop them or no one to share them with. This picture might include isolation, a lack of contribution, disconnection from your community, a lack of choice to pursue what interests or excites you.

This is the potential outcome for some folks supported by Extend-A-Family. Sometime during the next 10 months, funding support will end for 40 families simply because their sons or daughters who have a disability will turn 18. For most of these families the results of this will be isolation, increased stress, less time to spend with other children in the family, a lack of connection to others and the community for their sons and daughters whose needs and gifts have not changed just because the day on the calendar marking their births changed.

Can you make a difference? Absolutely!! When we believe in the generosity and good hearts of people in this community - and we do believe in this - and when we each make a choice to share our simple gifts with others a profoundly simple change occurs. People, like the sons and daughters of these families, get to belong, to be respected, to share ordinary places in community, to contribute, to choose. Wow! Choose to share your gifts.

If you would like to learn about opportunities to get involved please send an email to info@ichoosedignity.com. You might change a life - other than your own.

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